The Unification

1E 299 – 2E 000

A Beryllian defender sketched by an unknown artist
King Charles XII was a devout parishioner of the Church of Beryllus, he had made several pilgrimages to the city between the years of 1E 265 – 276; his desire to see his people brought into the god of knowledge and wisdom’s embrace became a passion.

His son would share his vision for a unified Goldrook under the banner of the Lion; he would send a sea of diplomats and negotiators to discuss Beryl’s admission into the fold of Damocles.
Unfortunately, all would be turned away without any progress; the Beryllians failed to see the need to obey a king of such a savage people.
Tensions began to heat until finally boiling over when Damocles lay siege to Beryl. The Beryllians proved more than capable of defending their city; 200 years would pass with neither power able to overcome the other. The cost in lives and materials would be immense.

It was at the dawn of the 2nd Era that a peace was finally called. Beryl declared King Charles XVI its sovereign ruler, though the people would maintain a separate identity from Damocles and the Throne’s soldiers would protect the people of the city.

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The Unification

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