The Scouring

1E 000-015

The aftermath of one out of many skirmishes that arose throughout Damocles
After the Kingdom was unified, and the more powerful strongholds were subdued, absorbed, or destroyed, a massive task still lie ahead. The King had to be able to impose his will upon his subjects; servants of the Crown were dispatched throughout the realm to spread the news of King Charles’ reign. Many messengers were met with the blades and spears of those still loyal to the families that have always ruled; King Charles was forced to put down these rebellions and root out those that were disloyal to Damocles.

This bloody event was called The Scouring, and it established the King’s word as law. Many of the defeated rebels would retreat into the hills and forests to add their strength to those that survived the Birth of the nation.

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The Scouring

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