The Pax

2E 001 – 107

Damoclesian countryside as seen from an eastern town
A time of relative quiet descended upon the realm as the 2nd Era dawned on Damocles. Goldrook was united under a single flag and the land now knew the King’s Peace; soldiers returned home to their families, putting down their swords and picking up their plowshares.

The threat of the Orcish people still loomed but gone were the days of their ilk threatening the enduring power of Damocles.

Trade relations with the Empire of Eisenheim would flourish during this time and both nations grew rich from the exchange; the Empire was also experiencing peace after a time of strife and welcomed Royal Diplomats into their halls.

Though these warm relations would not last; it was about a century into the 2nd Era when foreign diplomacy abruptly broke down.
Nothing official is known about the events that lead up to the Imperial Invasion in 2E 103 but it is known that the idyllic conditions of the last hundred years came to a swift end; the final nail in the Pax being the coming of Nurak Mal in 2E 107.

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The Pax

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