The Expansion Wars

1E 150-200

The Sacking of Haakon
Other grand monarchies were there to welcome the fledgling Kingdom of Damocles and for a century they existed peacefully together; in fact, many of the royal families were connected via marriage. A descendent of King Charles III sat upon the throne of Haakon even.

But peace does not last and men will always rise to a challenge.

It was early in 1E 140 when relations began to deteriorate; mages and the study of magic were becoming topics of contention amongst the nations of the Goldrook Peninsula and Damocles was at the center of it all.
The King had refused to place limits on magic and its study. Any and all with the talent were allowed to learn (for a price); unfortunately wayward spellcasters became common and Damocles’ neighbors frightened of the potential disaster such carelessness could inflict on them and their people.

In the year 1E 149 King Marcus de Haakon launched a mighty offensive with a coalition from all across the realm against Damocles.
They drove deep into Damoclesian lands and successfully sacked the capital herself, killing the king in the city’s fall. These were the darkest days of the Kingdom

A new monarch was swiftly coronated and a counteroffensive was launched. For the first time, spellcasters were brought into the regular army and the effects were devastating to invading forces.
It looked as if nothing could stem the tide of Damocles as it surged across its borders, launching an invasion of its own against the rest of Goldrook. Decades would pass, but this small kingdom would devour all the nations who sought her destruction.

This period of almost non-stop expansion lasted approximately fifty years before the various lords and kings surrendered to the Throne of Damocles. A mighty task still lie ahead as this vast territorial acquisition would need to be consolidated and rebuilt, but even then there were those who turned hungry eyes on the last free city of the Goldrook Peninsula. The Beryllian Theocracy was all that was keeping Damocles from totally controlling the surrounding coast.

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The Expansion Wars

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