The Expansion Wars

1E 150-200

The Sacking of Haakon
The era in which Damocles arose was a time fraught with conflict. A mosaic of kingdoms and nations began to claim land and resources; a criss-crossing web of alliances and agreements kept the Goldrook Peninsula’s more aggressive elements at bay, for a time.

Time changes things however.

It was early in 1E 140 when relations began to deteriorate; mages and the study of magic were becoming topics of contention amongst the nations of the Goldrook Peninsula and Damocles was at the center of it all.
The Kingdom had taken in a community of Elven Sorcerer-Scholars. It was these same scholars that would go on to found the Institute of the Arcane. However, moving to normalize the use of magic caused an uproar in the surrounding nations; many were fearful that Damocles would become host to Demons and Devils.

In the year 1E 149 King Marcus de Haakon launched a mighty offensive with a coalition from all across the realm against Damocles.
They drove deep into Damoclesian lands and successfully sacked the Capital, the king was lost in the city’s fall.

A new monarch was swiftly coronated and a counteroffensive launched. In hindsight, the initial fears of those foreign kingdoms seemed to be validated. With proper scholars and instructors, Damocles was able to conscript and integrate spellcasters into the body of its military, an advantage that they used to devastating effect against the powers that marched in their lands.
The ensuing series of conflicts resulted in the absorbing of several kingdoms and principalities; the little agrarian kingdom blossomed into a nation that controlled fully half of the Goldrook Peninsula.

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The Expansion Wars

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