Seat of Guilds

With the rising influence of the Guilds in the political landscape of Damocles, the King has chosen to recognize them by allowing them a voice in the Council of the Crown. The various Guildmasters that are affiliated and contracted with the Throne select an individual to be their representative to their liege.

Distrusted in the extreme by the rest of the Council, the Guilds are the working class; the vast majority technically belong to the peasantry so it is a difficult thing for a noble to ignore the established social order and openly associate themselves with the lowest wrung of society.

This distrust is further exacerbated by how most of the Guildmasters (despite their lowborn births) are more politically virile and economically robust than most of the nobility, save for the Jarls and King.

A middle class is rising and threatening the old lords in their lofty towers.

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Seat of Guilds

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