Namugali Culture

The Dominion of Namugal was ancient when the Kingdoms and Empires of Eorðweard were young.

The Height of Power:

The Dominion’s origins are shrouded in a multitude of founding myths with concrete information scarce; it is speculated that not even the Seat of Six can truly remember that time before they ruled the land.
It is agreed that they are not native to Iskurru, but are invaders from yet another land as-of-yet unknown to Damocles or even the nations conquered by them.
Every known race has a presence beneath the umbrella of the Domination, though the vast majority are half-elves or humans with elven roots.

Culture at its Apex:

Very little has changed throughout the ages in Namugali Society. Fashions, art, architecture, etc. has been almost unchanged in over a century. Born citizens of Namugal are expected to uphold the values of their ancestors, they have little tolerance for radical ideas. The halt of cultural progression goes hand-in-hand with Namugal’s idea that it has reached the peak of innovation and enlightenment, that the ceiling has been reached.
It’s enduring influence and power the only proof the Dominion needs of its own superiority.

Inevitability and Patience:

Citizens of the Dominion are not unkind to those different than them, they do not scorn the outsider nor mock the foreigner; All are accepted, because all belong to the Domination whether they know it or not (or whether they accept it or not).
The Dominion of Namugal believes that eventually everyone and everything will bow to them and so they see all beings of the world as subjects to be ruled and cared for. They believe their yoke to be kind and their stewardship a mercy.

What does a true Child of Namugal have to fear when eternity is on their side?

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Namugali Culture

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