Institute of the Arcane

Arcane School in DamoclesOne of the only spellcasting universities in all of EorĂ°e. The Institute of the Arcane ensures that the kingdom always has a steady supply of trained mages and that the subjects of the Crown are safe from the influence of the wayward spellcaster.
The Institute is prestigious the world over and, in some cases, is the sole reason many nations choose peace over invasion with Damocles; they simply cannot contend with the sheer number of powerful mages the kingdom can field at a time.

Magic has always been established in the world as far as anyone can remember, but it is distrusted and feared by other nations. The ability to spontaneously generate powerful flames and bolts of lightning leads many to simply place heavy restrictions on what mages can do within their borders. The Zhouji are perpetually on the verge of outright exterminating their spellcasting population while the Empire of Eisenheim’s peacekeeping soldiery have standing orders to use lethal force should a perpetrator exhibit magical talent.
This persecution leads many to relocate to Damocles so that they can better understand their powers and to escape the fearful whispers of their neighbors.

The Headmaster of the Institute is a powerful sorcerer named Cridley Wismer. The headmaster has a reputation as a flighty and irrelevant figure, despite his obvious ability and his school’s continued success.

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Institute of the Arcane

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