His Majesty's Inquisition

The Inquisition had its origins in The Scouring, in those who took up arms and turned them on those disloyal to the Throne; their judgments are swift and brutal, they never failed to obtain a confession from the guilty and their efforts would help to finally bring order and the rule of law to the people of the Goldrook Peninsula.

It was in 2E 104 that the King’s Inquisition was formerly disbanded in accordance with the Dhrytd√≥m Document; the beorns and jarls could finally rest easy knowing that the Throne could no longer have them butchered on a whim.

Even today the people of Damocles speak in hushed tones of the terrible justice that Inquisitors of the King meted out in order to ensure unity.

Some say that, despite its disbanding, the Inquisitors have gone to ground and continued their work to root out dissidents; official recognition of the Throne not necessary for these men and women to continue their work.

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His Majesty's Inquisition

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