Church of Beryllus

So the Lord of all Knowledge descended from His throne at the Dawn of the World
“I will fashion a mighty city and create a place to store all thought, a great library.”
Beryllus opened His mouth and spake unto the empty land and unbreakable walls arose from the depths of the rock.
Spires of polished bronze and tempered steel towered over all of creation.
“I will call this place Beryll, a city to represent me.”
And He was happy with His work, though a task remained.
He cast His gaze unto the cowering and dull figures of Mankind.
“Man will be the custodian of the secrets I have placed here and in return reap the rewards of his devoted service.”
Beryllus declared “My children, open your eyes!”
And Knowledge struck every man in the whole world and their eyes were opened.

- 1 Enlightenment 2:4-6

The Church of Beryllus is the spiritual center for worship of the deity of Knowledge and Comprehension. It is centered in its ancestral home of Beryll, where the mighty Cathedral Artificium stands as a testament to the power and majesty of Beryllus and a physical reminder of the gifts He bestowed upon the Beryllians in reward for their faithfulness.
This organization is a mostly beneficial and benevolent entity. It provides food for the needy, educates the youth, and safeguards the giant Library Chapels that dot the city of Beryll.
The Church also provides the Kingdom of Damocles with soldiers skilled in healing magic and helps maintain and distribute weaponry to the King’s Armies. The Industrial arm of the Kingdom is actually a subsidiary organization that is essentially joined with the Church and so the High Sovereign has a considerable amount of authority over the Beryllum Industrial, though the Engineer-Lord has final say in matters of what is to be built.

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Church of Beryllus

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