Beryllum Industrial

Typical Industrial assembly line.The industrial arm of the Throne, the Beryllum Industrial produces all forms of equipment for the King’s Army and the church militant of the Church of Beryllus. They have perfected smithing techniques over the centuries and their architectural ability is legendary, further proofing the cities of Damocles against foreign powers

While they do almost exclusively build weapons and military structures, they are technically responsible for the civilian structures of the kingdom as well; they will more often than not hire out to one of the workers guilds for various civilian projects so that they can maintain their focus on equipping the King’s soldiers.

Eoin Deirdre is the current Engineer-Lord of the Industrial and sits on the Council of the Crown. He is in charge of directing the factories of the kingdom, issuing workers to various projects around the realm, and contracting the guilds should the Industrial be too pressed in other matters. He is measured in his dealings with his colleagues on the council as he is the only one not of noble birth, he began as a common Beryllian worker and rose to his position by being impressively competent in the workplace and possessing a shrewd political mind; he is respected but considered a chaotic element due to his societal status.

He is popular among the common people of both Damocles and Beryll, a rare feat.

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Beryllum Industrial

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