Beryllian Theocracy

Flag of the Beryllian Theocracy
Beryll is a city state to the east of the Kingdom of Damocles. They worship Beryllus, the god of knowledge and technology, they strive to learn and create and build in his name. The details of its founding have been lost to time, but the story goes that Beryllus himself descended from the heavens and built the city to his liking. The Beryllian Theocracy has made great strides in industry and learning; it was inevitable that conflict would come pounding on their gates.

In 1E 299, Damocles lay siege to the magnificent city and for 200 years its walls stood against the seemingly inexhaustible armies of Damocles.

In fact, the beleaguered defenders of the Theocracy broke long before their walls ever did in the year 2E 000; the people had grown tired of the back and forth conflict and agreed to an armistice with the King of Damocles.
It was then that it was decided that the Beryllian Theocracy would accept the King Charles XVI as their Sovereign Lord and that they would serve loyally as the industrial partner to the Kingdom.

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Beryllian Theocracy

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