Sepiyan Government

The Republic of Ana Sepiya is, to the outsider, an impossibly complex nightmare of bureaucracy and elected officials.
The government is structured as such:

Citizen-Landowners casts votes to fill government seats
Electoral Council 1000 individuals who compile votes, seats filled by lottery; serves a 3 month term
Congress Majoris 300 individuals who decide the day-to-day transfer of gold, responsible for budget-setting and subsequent presentation to the Dominion; serves a 6 month term
Congress Minoris 20 individuals who assist the Magnate as a panel of advisers, may veto policy set by Magnate; serves a 6 month term
Magnate Head of the Congress Minoris, responsible for foreign diplomacy and directing employed armed forces during wartime; serves a 6 month term

Corruption is minimized the ruling class are far too numerous to simply buy off and the seats do not serve long enough to abuse their authority in any significant way.

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Sepiyan Government

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