Sepiyan Culture

The Sepiyan Republic is the youngest nation on Iskurru. Originally a part of the Dominion, they have since gained a form of independence, but they are far from free of the Domination. They are merely a vassal to their parent nation, subservient to the needs of the Dominion.

Many races both common and not-so-common reside within the Republic, free to own land and vote for elected officials (assuming they were born within national borders) free from persecution from the state.

A Robust Economic Strategy:

While it was said earlier that the Republic has not broken its bonds to Namugal, it has lightened its load significantly and without armed conflict.
Long ago, the Sepiyan people discovered that strength of coin could outstrip strength of arms; the banker and the businessman rule where the commander would in poorer nations.
Mercenary soldiers garrison the cities in times of conflict, otherwise local law enforcement keeps a regular patrol to maintain the public good.
The only capital crime that exists is the impediment of trade as protected by the law; those who would illegally attack competition would find themselves at the chopping block should their plot be uncovered.

War as Business:

The Sepiyan Republic has only engaged in total war a handful of times in history as any armed forces beyond local militia does not exist. When professional soldiers must be brought to bear, the Republic calls upon the illustrious Free Companies to conduct battles in their name.
War is not a preferred method of generating cash flow as its returns tend to diminish due to the destruction the very act of waging it causes, though the occasional struggle keeps gold in mercenary coffers and, therefore, keeps them from having to find their own rather more unsavory methods of finding currency.

The “Middle” Class and the Common Good:

Something unique has been developing within the Republic for centuries, a class of citizen that is between “Noble” and “Serf”. This new class of person may not be able to afford the lavish lifestyle of Nobility, but they do not lack for any needs; this so-called “Middle” class is what drives the machine of Republic economy and is celebrated as a significant reason for their unparalleled wealth.

The model citizen is a man or woman of well-rounded character; versed in the arts, arithmetic, history, and theology with an emphasis on familial devotion.

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Sepiyan Culture

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