Important Societal Figures

King Charles Hadrien XIX
The King of Damocles and Beryll, he is the ultimate authority of the government. He is respected by his subjects and not taken lightly by his advisors; they do not mistake the king for a fool, as they would do so at their own peril. For all of his struggles with the domestic politicking and running of the State, King Charles XIX has overseen the largest territorial gains since the Expansion Wars and secured an alliance that would see Damocles become a globe spanning power.

Queen Orphe Hadrien
Her Majesty, the Queen of Anbar and Damocles of the House Taro. Queen Orphe is a figure that remains mysterious to most of the Damoclesian Court. She rose to power through the military strategem of her lord husband and by what allies she rallied around her upon pressing her claim to the Cracked Throne. She appears meek and melancholy, but it was this self-same woman who tore her father from his throne and declared war upon the Dominion of Namugal.

Royal Heirs of Age:

  • Prince Caulder Hadrien
  • Jarlessa Vinhilde Bede
  • Jarlessa Reilaina Vahe

    High Sovereign Remian Daxol
    The highest of appointed clergy in the Church of Beryllus and the right hand of the King. He is the spiritual father of the faith for the kingdom, seen as a conduit for the will of Beryllus and a beacon of hope and understanding among the people.

    Headmaster Cridley Wismer
    The authority of the Institute of the Arcane, he is an eccentric man who runs his school well. A magician of great power and talent, he rose to prominence after a two decades of intense study and practice.

    Engineer-Lord Eoin Deirdre
    Lord of the Beryllum Industrial, Eoin Deirdre is the face of the massive body of workers and engineers who build everything throughout the King’s realm. He is also responsible for delegating jobs to the Guilds that the Industrial deems too time consuming (such as roads and residential zones) to get to on their own.

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Important Societal Figures

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