Culture of the Zhouji Empire

The Zhouji Empire has enjoyed a peace and cohesion amongst its civilian population that few sovereign powers have achieved.

Culturally, the Zhouji are intensely nationalistic. The comparative independence of the feudal lords of Eisenheim and Damocles are utterly alien to the citizenry of the Zhouji Empire. All governing officials, business owners, and landowner swear fealty only to the Emperor and the State.

The Zhouji are taught throughout their lives that magic and those who use them are not to be trusted. For all their strength both economic and military: the Emperor Qing Shan Li would rather fortify national borders. Fear of the sorceries that their southern neighbors might employ keep the State from becoming overtly aggressive. The result: a foreign policy that encourages trade, but little else.

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Culture of the Zhouji Empire

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