Culture of the Zhouji Empire

The Zhouji are a proud people; industrious and dependable, they are still a (if not the) major world power despite their reluctance to implement gunpowder weapons on a large scale. The Empire has enjoyed a peace and cohesion amongst its civilian population that few nations could hope to achieve anytime soon, if at all.

Imperial Authorities have a hand in almost every aspect of the child raising process, displaying an incredible amount of involvement within the education system down to even the smallest minutiae of information that passes into the next generation. It is this fierce doctrine of Nationalization that most foreign powers believe keeps their population supportive and docile to what the government does.

Instead of using his popularity to expand the borders of the Empire, Emperor Qing Shan Li refrains from direct military confrontation; instead opting to use the unity of the people as a means to discourage foreign powers that would otherwise view the Zhouji as targets for potential conquest. The effectiveness of intimidation and diplomacy over open warfare cannot be denied.

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Culture of the Zhouji Empire

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