Arkanian Culture

The Arkanis Refuge is the only nation on Iskurru to break free of the Domination through force of arms. They are a society where the self-made are to be emulated; where one should work hard, not to better the State, but to better oneself and family.

Victory Through Perseverance:

Their slave origins and subsequent freedom against a foe viewed as unbeatable has fostered a culture of stubborn persistence. To them, even Eternity may be conquered if the will to conquer it exists.
This runs so deep that even courtship rituals are a daunting gauntlet of trials, where the pursuer is expected to go to ever-increasing lengths to win the object of their affections to them.

Industry and Magic:

Magic within the Refuge is taught for far more utilitarian ends than military. Almost the entirety of study revolves around transmuting material into ores that can be used to grow the nation and to supplement the few mines that still produce useful ore. While this has served the Arkanians well, their manufacturing ability is significantly weaker than other developed nations with access to more lucrative deposits.

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Arkanian Culture

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