Kywin Vast

Master Ninja


Even as a child, Kywin was a master thief. He fled his village on the shadow plane at a young age, when he stole one of his clan’s prized weapons, the Supernal Stars.He would likely have been caught if not for his lucky stumbling upon a, soon to be closed, gate to the material plane. Kywin, relying on his instincts, entered the gate assuming he’d have a better chance of survival.

He struggled to survive at first due to his kind not being as openly accepted as others, to remedy this, Kywin used his natural ability to disguise himself, taking the form of whatever would give him an advantage in any given situation. He took up many jobs as a master thief, stealing things for others in return for things that could actually be of use to him, usually coin. He also took up quite a few jobs as an assassin, as he found that people would pay far more for the death of their enemies than they would for any piece of material.

Although Kywin’s ventures appear to be solely self-gratifying, it has always been his dream to be involved in something truly great, something bigger than himself, something he may require help to accomplish, something that pushes him to his absolute limits, something… with a truly wondrous prize waiting at the end of it all. A true adventure.

Kywin Vast

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